“To All My Facebook Friends” (2)

I’m going to share this on facebook. Call it irony, sarcasm, whatever you wish…

My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer

We could unplug ourselves
Off Facebook
And start writing
In journals.
We could write
Each other letters
And make frequent trips
To the post office.
It will take too much of our time,
Of course, but our correspondence
Will be longer
And the pleasure of conversing
Will be drawn out.
Anyway, a conversation
Via social media
Mediated by computer monitors
And profile photos
Isn’t really much of a
Conversation, is it?
Anyway, I want to see your
Handwriting, feel the strokes
Of your pen with my fingers,
And smell the ink and paper.
You don’t have to write and sound
Like Jane Austen, although that would
Be great, as well.
You can write like a cardiologist,
I wouldn’t mind.
There are nuances in our handwriting,
You know.
We could lie on roof tops
And gaze at the distant galaxies
And talk about our dreams.
We could…

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Chapter 9 of the Kite Runner: Amir’s “framing” of Hassan

Hell yeah, English homework here we go…

The Kite Runner Reloaded

Why does Amir not like his birthday presents? What present does he keep and why?

How and why does Amir frame Hassan?

Why is Baba’s response to Hassan supposed theft of the watch surprising for Amir?

How and why does the author deploy pathetic fallacy on the day of Hassan and Ali’s departure?

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Mini Headcannon Of The Week: Skulduggery Pleasent

So this is a new thing I’m doing, where every week I’ll post a Headcannon of a fandom I’m particularly feeling. If you don’t know what a Headcannon is, it’s kind of a mini fan fiction,  usually written in notes but since it’s me I kinda go for it word – wise.  And if you don’t know what a fanfic is, this isn’t the blog for you.
It just means a piece of writing about the world and characters that someone else has already created.

Here we go:

Valkyrie was leaning against a dead body.
Sure, it was gross, but she was tired and the body in question was softer than the floor.
When it had been alive, this body was Brett Fowl, an adept with the peaceable ability to influence people’s minds. Not quite a full blown hypnotist, although Valkyrie had met one of them, he made up for that drawback by being able to sway a whole room to one decision or another.
But Valkyrie and Skulduggery had killed him, and now she was propped up on his dead body.
As soon as the thought crossed her mind again, Valkyrie scooted away from the body and pulled herself up off the floor.
“Don’t tell me he got a punch in,” said Skullduggery from his position in the trashed living room. He stood stock still, in the unnatural way that only a dead man can. “I haven’t seen a worse aim since Scapegrace’s zombie horde.”
“Not quite,” Valkyrie groaned back through gritted teeth,  one hand propped up on the wall. “Pins and needles.”

Let me know what you think?

Continuing With My Beyonce Rant From Ages Ago

I have serious issues with the music in the common room of my (new!) 6th form, but, apart from grumbling to my friends, I mostly keep it to myself. I once approached the subject to a girl I barely knew, and she simply looked at me like I was crazy: the song I was criticizing was Beyonce and Jay Z.

I’m not hating on pop music as a whole: I love Bastille and Daughter, for example, and they are clearly pop-y/rock-y. It goes a lot deeper than that.


Let’s go on an adventure to YouTube. We’ll start by picking a famous singer: for the sake of this post, Beyonce. Next, pick a song: the first song in the search bar is Drunk In Love (I’ve never heard it, but the title sounds familiar). Let’s click on the Vevo version of the song; how many views does it have?

A. 212,126,327

B. 21,212,632

C. 212,163


Answer: A! Beyonce has had 212 MILLION PEOPLE watch her video (or at least it has been watched 212 million times: there are probably people who watch it over and over again, I know I do).


If that number doesn’t blow your mind, don’t worry, most people won’t realise what this means. Imagine just 10 people in a room. They all have a family, and jobs, and friends, and hobbies: think about the number of people that they each interact with daily. Now multiply this by 21200000. THAT is how many people Beyonce has affected with her music.


She’s just an example: honestly, I don’t hate her at all, and I used to love her just a few year ago and know all the words to If I Were A Boy. I just happened along some better artists is all. But think now, that millions and millions of people have now implanted in their head one person’s way of thinking. And if that doesn’t sound dangerous to you, you probably are one of those people…


I know a lot of famous artists didn’t ask for that responsibility. They didn’t want the power to influence that many people. But, unfortunately, they’ve got it whether they like it or not.

Therefore the point of all this is kind of a battle cry! Celebs, own up to your responsibility, take control and realise that you really are influencing far too many people to sing about ‘dope’ and ‘fucking’ and ‘bitches’. And grow up.

Sorry For The Lack of Posts

Today was my first REAL day of 6th form, although I’ve been in school since Monday having endless talks. So I actually have to work now. As a consequence,  the number of posts is going d o w n and the length, too. I’d apologise but I need the grades after only doing meh/good in my gcses.  BUT I STILL LOVE YOU.

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