Mini Headcannon Of The Week: Skulduggery Pleasent

So this is a new thing I’m doing, where every week I’ll post a Headcannon of a fandom I’m particularly feeling. If you don’t know what a Headcannon is, it’s kind of a mini fan fiction,  usually written in notes but since it’s me I kinda go for it word – wise.  And if you don’t know what a fanfic is, this isn’t the blog for you.
It just means a piece of writing about the world and characters that someone else has already created.

Here we go:

Valkyrie was leaning against a dead body.
Sure, it was gross, but she was tired and the body in question was softer than the floor.
When it had been alive, this body was Brett Fowl, an adept with the peaceable ability to influence people’s minds. Not quite a full blown hypnotist, although Valkyrie had met one of them, he made up for that drawback by being able to sway a whole room to one decision or another.
But Valkyrie and Skulduggery had killed him, and now she was propped up on his dead body.
As soon as the thought crossed her mind again, Valkyrie scooted away from the body and pulled herself up off the floor.
“Don’t tell me he got a punch in,” said Skullduggery from his position in the trashed living room. He stood stock still, in the unnatural way that only a dead man can. “I haven’t seen a worse aim since Scapegrace’s zombie horde.”
“Not quite,” Valkyrie groaned back through gritted teeth,  one hand propped up on the wall. “Pins and needles.”

Let me know what you think?

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