We Love People For Who They Aren’t, Not Who They Are.

I was reading Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and, as often happens because I’m a speedy reader, I mis – read a character saying that they loved someone because of who they were and saw weren’t. I re – read it and realised my mistake,  but by then the gears in my brain were whirring away.

I love people for the qualities they lack. I love my best friend because she isn’t impatient, rather than because she is patient. Patience is surely just the lack of impatience: because we wouldn’t notice patience if there weren’t impatient people to compare to. Apply this to any adjective and you get my thought: I love my sister because she isn’t selfish. I love my friend because he isn’t stupid.

Voilà: now you’re thinking like a confused teen. Give yourself a gold star.

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