Feminism and pop music

I just finished watching Beyonce’s performance at the VMAs,  or most of it anyway. I was struck by her feminist declaration in the middle, talking about women being just as sexual as men. But until then I was certain that she rejected the idea of equality: she was calling her bum ‘it’ as if her body was an object and so separate from her. Those aren’t exactly feminist ideals… as Ani Difranco would tell you, “your body is your only true dominion!”. I’m sure that it implies a certain amount of control over all parts of your body, no matter how hyper-sexualised it may be. 

But then I thought that maybe she was taking the whole ‘women should be allowed to walk around naked’ idea and putting it to her own beat. Which would make a lot more sense than anything else. But it still doesn’t explain the running theme of ‘treat my body like an object’. If you were a feminist, why would you want to be treated in that way? 

One thing’s for sure: I’m all up for female empowerment in the most positive way, but Beyonce isn’t the icon to lead the most curious of us there. 



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