Birth into the world

I was lying awake last night and thinking of this girl I know. She started a blog not too long ago, but it was empty-headed and fraught with bad spelling and grammar which is one of the things that I hate most in the world. But she resiliently continued to share the link to every new post on her populous Facebook wall, and it got me thinking: if she has the bravery to share all her thoughts, however much I might scorn them, and then allow the people who know her best to read them,  why shouldn’t I? Because she was the more confident, outspoken person and I was hiding behind a screen of thought to scoff at someone I secretly admired. So I ploughed through my own doubt and created this blog, in the hope of banishing my cruel thoughts and becoming less like the ‘haters’ she so often rants about. I haven’t thought about  what I’ll write about, and with the auto correct on my new tablet that I haven’t figured out how to murder yet, it’s unlikely anything will even be legible. But I hope you enjoy me picking at my own mind and laughing at things which probably,  in hindsight, are  ridiculously UNfunny.  Comment if you fancy a conversation, and until the next post, have a great life!

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